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Ensourced extensions are some of the highest quality, hand crafted paracord sleeved extensions available.  Don't just take my word for it though, read the reviews left by others who already have them.

Each extension is made using highly flexible, high quality 16 gauge wire.

Each extension is made "Rainbowed" aka curved, to your needs for a cleaner look.

Each extension includes two installed Wire Wraps in your choice of color.

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***Please allow 7 full days for extension cables to be crafted.***
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1 Review

24th May 2017

Starry Night 8-Pin CPU Extension and 24-Pin Motherboard Paracord Sleeved Extensions

These look absolutely AMAZING in my solid black and RBG accented build. Every single wire is the perfect length and the curve is beautiful. Cable combs? No thanks! The white wire wraps are a great additional yet functional accent. Ensourced truly is the best of the best in the sleeved cable market. Will absolutely be ordering a PCI-e extension once my graphics card comes in!

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