EVGA Type Three Power Supply Cables

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Series Models  
GS 650w 550w


***Each cable comes with one Ensourced 3D Printed Wire Wrap per 10cm of cable length***


  • I don’t need your stock cables
  • You’re paying for a completely new modular cable
  • I use high quality products (Connectors|Pins|Paracord|16 gauge wire)
  • I can make the cable in ANY of my available colors
  • You can choose as many colors as you want at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • I can arrange multiple colors in any pattern you want at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • I can make the cables shorter if you have a smaller build at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • I can make the cables longer if you have a bigger build but you need to contact me first



The order process for custom designed cables


This process allows for you to communicate your design idea to me without the need for emails back and forth.  As always, if at ANY point you have ANY questions, click the Contact Me button at the bottom of the page.  Lets get started!


Step 1: Choose what cable you want

To allow complete creativity, each cable type needs to be added to your cart seperately.  If you want more than one cable made exactly the same you can just change the QTY to however many you need.  Also. when you add a cable to your cart you won't have to leave the page to add a different cable.  Just change the cable type, fill out the info for the cable, and hit add to cart.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat!


Step 2: Choose the length of the cable

This allows you to have each cable made to a different length.  Here you choose how long this cable is.


Step 3: Choose the Wire Wrap color for the cable

Included with each modular cable are three 3D Printed Wire Wraps.  Wire Wraps were designed by me to help keep your cables neat and tidy after they are in your build.  Check them out *"Here"*.


Step 4: Choose your sleeving colors

The first big step is to decide which of my available sleeving colors are going to be a part of your design.  You can click *"Here"* to see what colors are available.  Once you've decided on the colors you want to use, type the names in the provided box on my page.


Step 5: Show me the pattern

The last big step is making a representation of your design idea using the *"Sleeving Prototyper"* for me to work with.  I'm a visual guy so this is WAY better for me than seeing your idea typed out.  The most important thing I want you to remember during this part of the process is to not get too focused on the exact colors you use for your design inside the Sleeving Prototyper.  You already picked your exact colors in the last step, this is only a representation of your design.  Once you have a mock up of your design idea created within the Sleeving Prototyper, copy the unique link into the box provided on my page.  You can make mock ups for multiple cable types at once using the Sleeving Prototyper and use the same link for other cables.


If you made it this far you are about to have the highest quality cable designed exactly how you want it and made especially for you.  After you pay it'll be a few days for me to make it and most of the time I'll send you a photo before I ship them.  If you have any questions at this point don't forget about the Contact Me button at the bottom of my site.  


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2 Reviews

8th Jun 2016

If you're on the fence..... Just order. They really are that awesome

So I have a mini itx build, specifically in the Thermaltake core v1 case. The cables that came with my PSU were way too long for the case and ended up just being a tangled mess and blocking airflow. After searching around and looking at different options I finally stumbled on this website. Right off the bat I had some questions and Joey who I spoke to was great. He was helpful, professional and quick to reply to any of my questions. I was a little confused on exactly what I would need and Joey helped suggest exactly what would work in my situation. Ordering on the website is easy and the way it's set up where you can create your own pattern is great. After ordering the only negative part of the whole thing was having to wait for the cables to be delivered (which I will say isn't really a negative but who likes waiting right?) The cables were shipped in the time frame laid out on the site and when they were delivered I was blown away. The cables look amazing! You can tell just by holding them that they are quality made cables. The colors and pattern I chose really bring the look of my case together as they match the rest of my hardware. They are super flexible and easy to train just the way you want them and did I mention they look awesome? Honestly I was a little worried ordering these cables as I thought they were kind of pricey at first. After I had them delivered though I can say I am totally satisfied with my purchase. They are quality cables, in the exact length colors and patterns that YOU choose and they really add your own little personal touch to your case. I don't even have some custom water loop crazy PC either, but these cables just make mine look that much better. So for anybody who is on the fence, Joey is a great guy to work with and the cables he makes are awesome, I would say just go ahead and order because you won't be disappointed.

11th Mar 2016

The best damn sleeved cables!

After putting together my build, I realized that the EPS/CPU power cable that came with my PSU was a little too short to rout behind the motherboard tray. I had thought that it would be cool at some point to upgrade to custom sleeved extensions for my motherboard, graphics card, and CPU connector. Seeing that it was too short to begin with, I decided to say what the hell, and just go for new custom sleeved cables to match my color scheme. If you want some of the best looking sleeved cables at any color, then get them through Ensourced. The quality is superb, and it didn’t take nearly as long as they had originally suggested. Nice, friendly, and easy to work with. Due to my original eps cable being too short, I asked if they could make it a little longer. They said that it wasn’t a problem, and that the design would look great. I’m over the top pleased with these, and I would recommend getting any custom sleeved cable through them. Plus, I had free shipping! For ordering 3 separate replacement cables (24 pin atx power, 6 pin PCIe, and 8 pin EPS/CPU), the price is absolutely amazing. Out of every other site I went to, these guys are the best and cheapest. Plus they do both extensions and full length modular cables! For any other builds I will do, I will go through Ensourced. And custom color cable combs! Best deal and great quality all around!

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