Pre-cut White 16 gauge wire

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Instead of ordering 25', 50', or more of wire and trying to cut it perfectly yourself, let me do it for you!  Using the exact same 16 gauge wire I use for all my extension and modular cable orders, you'll have a high quality wire that is ready to use when it gets to you.  Complete your extension or modular cable project faster with my pre-cut wire!



This process allows for you to order wire cut to your needs.  Leave the guess work out of it and let me do the work.


Step 1: Choose how many wires you want

I encourage you to order one cable's worth at a time.  The quantities are set up for you to order each cable's worth of wire seperately


Step 2: Choose the length of wires

Here you choose how long you want the wires for each set to be.


Step 3: Choose to have a "Rainbow" cable

Here you have the option to have me cut half the wires shorter to help you achieve the "Rainbow" effect that assists in routing cables more asthetically.

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2 Reviews

Bryce Lee 4th Nov 2016

When you need wires to be ready to go on the spot.

Nice quality, wires came in pretty straight which was what I needed so I can sleeve them easily. Fit's perfectly with paracord sleeves.

8th Dec 2015

perfectly cut, but picture is a little misleading

I had my own 18 guage wire that I was going to use to make my extensions with, but I saw this precut wire was 16 guage and was already cut so I was thinking "yeah that'd save some time". But the main reason I got the wire is because the picture shows its already present stripped and since i have a very basic stripper and when it comes to crimping terminals the wire needs to be stripped exact, i thought i'd spend the money and go for it. This was not the case, the wire was not stripped like in the pictures so i still had to strip them meaning I bought the wire for nothing when I could have just cut my own 18 guage. But oh well, can't return them now, wouldn't be worth the time and shipping cost. Overall very nice wire though, just that small detail lost a star.

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