White Paracord Sleeved Extensions


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Ensourced extensions are some of the highest quality, hand crafted paracord sleeved extensions available.  Don't just take my word for it though, read the reviews left by others who already have them.

Each extension is made using highly flexible, high quality 16 gauge wire.

Each extension is made curved, aka"Rainbowed", to your needs for a cleaner look.

Each extension includes one Wire Wrap in your choice of color installed for every 10cm in length (30cm=3 Wire Wraps).

***Please allow 8 full days for extension cables to be crafted.***
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12 Reviews

John 4th Nov 2021

Simply the best

I couldn't be happier with my dual 8 pin extension. The Antec cables I bought on Amazon were way too stiff and 3 of the connecters pushed out of the clip when I inserted them. Turn around and shipping were quick and painless. I also made a mistake with connecter orientation when I placed my order. My email to support was answered quickly and my ordered modified to the correct specification needed. You simply can't beat hand made products made by craftsmen and sold by small independent companies. Ensourced has earned my business and my recommendations to friends and family.

Malte 1st Sep 2019


As I was looking for new sleeved extensions, because the Antec ones I had bought were made of PET and insanely stiff, I stumbled upon Ensourced.net. I'm insanely pleased with the products I received since the paracord sleeves are really flexible and of great quality. The shipping to Europe also was way shorter than anticipated. Will buy again for future builds!

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