BitWit December RGB Build Cables


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All the cables from Kyle's December PC of the Month made EXACTLY the same way.  White connectors and White Wire Wraps.  PCI-e cables can be wrapped together if you provide me with a link to your graphics card in the notes section above.



(1) 30cm 24pin motherboard extension {Clip Inside}

(1) 30cm 8pin CPU extension {Clip Inside}

(1) 40cm 8pin PCI-e extension {Clip Outside}

(1) 40cm 6pin PCI-e extension {Clip Outside}

***Please allow 8 full days for extensions to be crafted.***
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10 Reviews

Erika 15th May 2018

Bitwit cables

Great quality, the cables look awesome and are perfect for my build. Worth it!

John 13th Oct 2017

Cable Extension

These cables are sooooo clean!! Combs are fantastic and feel durable. Was super impressed! Would definitely buy again for next build!

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