BitWit December RGB Build Cables


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All the cables from Kyle's December PC of the Month made EXACTLY the same way.  White connectors and White Wire Wraps.  PCI-e cables can be wrapped together if you provide me with a link to your graphics card in the notes section above.



(1) 30cm 24pin motherboard extension {Clip Inside}

(1) 30cm 8pin CPU extension {Clip Inside}

(1) 40cm 8pin PCI-e extension {Clip Outside}

(1) 40cm 6pin PCI-e extension {Clip Outside}

11 Reviews

Dominique Poulin 25th Jun 2018

Amazing, 11\10 would buy again

These cables looks amazing! I hesitated between these and Cablemod's, but I'm really happy to have choosen Ensourced. They're more straight and with the provided combs the cables stay clean and organised . Perfect for my white, silver and blue build.

Erika 15th May 2018

Bitwit cables

Great quality, the cables look awesome and are perfect for my build. Worth it!

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