Black 3D Printed Wire Wrap

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I designed the 3D printed Wire Wraps to bring a cleaner and more organized look to cables.  


16 gauge Wire Wraps work best with a sleeved wire with ~3.7 mm diameter

18 gauge Wire Wraps work best with a sleeved wire with ~3.0 mm diameter


The open middle design makes installation easier when compared to other established options.

Please allow 2 full business days for Wire Wraps to ship.
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4 Reviews

Eric Huber 8th Feb 2017

Great product for use even with preexisting extension

I bought the black wire wraps and then performed the mod on them to use them with some preexisting cable extensions I already had! They worked fantastic and were able to clean up the cables very well. The only issue I would say is that I ordered the 18AWG wire wraps because my extensions were 18AWG wire but the wraps were a little too big still. Ultimately this is a great product and I would highly recommend them to anyone else who's interested.

Ronald 6th May 2016

amazing material, amazing product

At first i was sceptical about buying this because im too unfamiliar with 3D printed stuff. Ive seen them being used, and they work but nothing this small and flimsy. Or so i thought. These are some of the most durable cable wraps ive seen. The initial ones that came with the extensions i bought from here just broke with little to no effort. These on the other hand, i practically man handled them to make my extensions fit inside and they still didnt break. If you buy these make sure you mod them appropriately according to their guide or you really wilk break them. Needless to say, im happy with my purchase and happy my extensions look clean again. Will continue to buy my cable mods from here.

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