Design Your Own Paracord Sleeved Extensions

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Ensourced extensions are some of the highest quality, hand crafted paracord sleeved extensions available.  Don't just take my word for it though, read the reviews left by others who already have them.

Each extension is made using highly flexible, high quality 16 gauge wire.

Each extension is made curved, aka"Rainbowed", to your needs for a cleaner look.

Each extension includes one Wire Wrap in your choice of color installed for every 10cm in length (30cm=3 Wire Wraps).

***Please allow 8 full days for extension cables to be crafted.***
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154 Reviews

Daniel 14th Jul 2021

Second Time Purchaser

This is my second time purchasing from EnSourced. I needed a 4-pin CPU cable, 6-pin GPU cable, and 24-pin Mobo cable for an old ITX build. As the first time, super easy ordering with the help of the Cable Design Worksheet. I appreciate the great variety of colors and patterns of paracord that help me get the exact look I want for my first computer case mod build!

Andres 18th May 2021

Good quality, wonderful color, only one small issue

First off, you can trust your pc components with cables from ensourced. They use high quality materials, are well-made, and come tailored to your specifications. I would not hesitate to order another 10 sets of these if I needed to. The color I chose was white and it is a brilliant shade of white. The white on the connector is good too. The cable combs are awesome, not sure if they "glow in the dark" but I haven't really checked either. I wish I got more cable combs as I'm short a few on both gpu and 24 pin cables. My fault there. The only caveat I have with these, and maybe it's just the material use or what I chose, is that other premium cable brands are more "stiff" when it comes to holding the bend that you require. I had to basically hold the bend/angle of these by tying down the cables behind the pc in a manner which kept a little pressure on these extensions. No big deal.

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