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Ensourced extensions are some of the highest quality, hand crafted paracord sleeved extensions available.  Don't just take my word for it though, read the reviews left by others who already have them.

Each extension is made using highly flexible, high quality 16 gauge wire.

Each extension is made curved, aka"Rainbowed", to your needs for a cleaner look.

Each extension includes one Wire Wrap in your choice of color installed for every 10cm in length (30cm=3 Wire Wraps).

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***Please allow 8 full days for extension cables to be crafted.***
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109 Reviews

13th Dec 2017


Joey is the best. Hands down. Very friendly, professional and communicative. The quality of the cables is stellar. I can't be more happy with my purchase. Next step, going from extensions to full-cables. Looking forward to my continued support. Thanks so much!

28th Nov 2017

Quality, looks, and on-time

What more can you ask for? These are by far the nicest sleeved cables I have ever seen! The sleeving mesh quality is superb, feels really nice to the touch, and looks fantastic in the case. With the added option of having the clip on the inside or outside, it helps the cables look nice and orderly. That's some serious added customization that you would only get if you did this yourself. Let's be honest, though, you have spent 100+ hours planning and building your customer water cooling PC and want this taken care of... support the modding community and get yourself some sexy cables!

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