Modular Cable Kit

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Kit includes all the main cables that can be seen:

  • (1) 60cm 24pin Motherboard cable w/6 Wire Wraps installed
  • Your choice of 70cm CPU cable combination w/ 7 Wire Wraps installed per cable
  • Your choice of 60cm PCI-e cable combination w/ 6 Wire Wraps installed per cable

 Why Ensourced Cables?

  • Every cable is hand crafted to order
  • Thick 16 gauge wire for a full look
  • Tight weave sleeve shows no wire
  • Over 50 colors to choose from
  • The most customizable cables you can buy ANYWHERE
  • The cleanest modular cables you can get

Crafted by hand, not mass produced

Every modular cable is hand crafted by me, Joey, with the highest quality materials I’ve found in my 5+ years of crafting cables.  I take great pride in the products I produce, and my reputation and reviews reflect that.  No cable gets shipped that I wouldn’t consider better than any other.  In my 5 years I’ve built a business on “no compromise” cables that can compete on price with anyone.


Wire with width

A big complaint about cables of lesser quality is the wires look thin and spaghetti like.  That’s due to thin gauge wire and cheap sleeving.  All of my cables are made using a high quality 16ga wire that is thicker than most stock cables.  Every wire I use is White and the sleeving is so thick you would never know what color was underneath.


More sleeving color options than anywhere else

With over 50 sleeving colors and 10 Wire Wrap colors you can customize you cables to be as unique as you are.  Don't see one that you like, send me a message!

sleeving colors.jpg

Ensourced Cable Design Worksheet 

With the new Ensourced Cable Design Worksheet you can design the cables and know ahead of time exactly how they’ll look when you get them, even the patterned sleeves.  Make a copy of the worksheet and you're on your way.  One worksheet is needed for every modular order.


Cleanest cables @ the price advertised

The price you see is the price you pay for a custom made cable.  I don’t charge extra for Wire Wraps or Cable Combs to keep your cables organized, they’re included, one for every 10cm in cable length.  Seven Cable Combs for a 70cm cable could cost an extra $14 at other places, not here.  With one Wire Wrap every 10cm you can expect 1/3 to 1/2 of your modular cable to be as straight and organized as an extension.  With PSU side Wire Wraps you can expect the PSU side to be more tidy as well.


No Compromises

All these things equate to cables that you'll want to show all of.  No hiding a birds nest out of view or being ashamed of what can't be seen.




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20 Reviews

David 16th Jan 2022

Beautiful Cables

I had a full set of custom cables made for my EVGA G+ 1600 w power supply in imperial red/w black stripes and black wires. When I ordered i asked when he would have supplies to make molex and sata cables again as they were listed out of stock. He replied promptly that he could make those cables now and allowed me to add them to my current order. When the cables arrived I was very happy with how they looked. Unfortunately when the ATX 24pin power was connected with the custom cable my PC refused to start. Over the course of a week or so chatting back and forth with Ensourced we determined that somewhere along the line EVGA had changed the way the wiring on their G+ power supplies worked. He went so far as to buy a similar power supply to make up a new custom cable to make sure I got a working set. I'm very impressed with his customer service and the quality of his products.

Michelle 30th Dec 2021

Great Quality & Turnaround Time

As long as EnSourced is around, I have and will always purchase my cables from him. Everything is straight forward and well done. I cannot thank him enough for helping me to make my build what I want it to be.

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